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How long do I have a warranty on my product?

This depends on the product and the model....

What is your warranty policy?

We strive to make products of the highest quality, however a malfunction can always happen. Check the below table to see how long the warranty is on your product:The warranty covers defective materials and production errors. If any of these applies t

How can I make a warranty claim?

If your suitcase becomes defective or damaged within the warranty period, you can invoke the warranty by following the next steps:1. Complete the warranty form here. Please attach as many photos as possible. The more photos we receive (preferably in

I bought my product at another retailer, what can I do?

We want to ask you to go back to the store where you bought your SUITSUIT item. To make it very official, you have concluded a sales agreement with them and it is fair to give them the opportunity to handle your complaint first. However, keep in mind

My replacement product is defective

The warranty on the replacement product is the warranty on the original product. The warranty does not start anew when a product is replaced.

Help, my suitcase was damaged while traveling

Damages caused during your trip - for example, at the departure or arrival hall of the airport or while your baggage is being loaded in/unloaded off the aircraft – are not covered by our warranty. If you notice that your suitcase has been damaged dur

Can you repair my SUITSUIT item?

Everyone wants to enjoy their SUITSUIT products as long as possible. If something breaks, we are happy to repair it if that’s possible.If there is still warranty on your suitcase, please fill out our warranty form so we can check if we can repair you

Can I repair my SUITSUIT item myself?

If there is still warranty on your suitcase, please don’t repair the suitcase yourself as this voids the warranty. Instead, fill out our warranty form so we can check if we can repair your item. If your warranty has already expired, please feel free