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What materials are the suitcases made of?

Our Caretta suitcases are made of pure ABS. Our other suitcases are made of ABS in combination with polycarbonate.ABS is an abbreviation for Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene. It is a combination of three different materials. ABS is widely used in suit

How do I take care of my suitcase?

We always advise to use a protection cover to keep your suitcase free of scratches and stains. Furthermore, please don’t overpack the suitcases to prevent tension on the zippers. Sometimes stickers are placed on your suitcase during travel. Usually,

What is the height of the pushbar?

When fully extended, the push bar - also called telescopic handle - is 106cm high.

Can the SUITSUIT cabin luggage be taken on board?

The answer is almost always yes!Most airlines are affiliated with the IATA, The International Air Transport Association. The IATA has established several rules for the dimensions of cabin luggage, which all members must adhere to. For cabin luggage,

I didn't receive a key with my lock?

That's right. All locks with a keyhole are so-called TSA locks. You can lock it with a combination of digits. When you fly to the U.S., you must comply with the requirements of the U.S. Customs and Security Authorities, which state that they must be

What is a TSA lock?

This is a lock that can be opened by an American customs officer when they must look in your suitcase. The American customs have a special master key to open TSA locks. If you do not have a TSA lock and your suitcase is locked, your suitcase may be b

How do I set the (TSA) combination lock?

You can set your lock in a few simple steps. But first....

How do I open my lock for the first time?

Thank you for ordering a SUITSUIT suitcase!....

I have forgotten the digits of my lock?

When you have set the combination of the digits, and you have forgotten the combination, there isn’t, unfortunately, a simple trick to fix this. If there were one,  others would be able to open your suitcase easily. Tricks spread quickly. The only so